Ragnar Hawaii 2016

What: A 200-ish mile Relay

Who: A team can consist of 6 to 12 people. We were short one person so we had a “ghost runner”. The difference was the 11th runner had to check in at the station where he/she would meet runner 12. Afterwards he/she is driven to the exchange to hand off the slap band to runner 1.  Our team had two vans. When 1 van was running, the other van was resting back at the condo.

When: 2 days of running in the day and night. Each individual had 3 runs of varying distances.  It was somewhat difficult to determine accurately if your runs were in the day or night time since everyone runs at a different pace.  There were designated “night time” hours that started at 1700.  During this time, runners would have to wear three items

  1. reflective vest
  2. tail light
  3. head lamp

Where: From Hilo to Hapuna Bay, Hawaii and through the various climate zones in between

Why: Because you’re crazy or someone crazy convinced you

How: A dedicated individual coordinates with everyone regarding the rules, vans, equipment necessary and even the flight details (if out of state).


Van #1


Ragnar Hawaii was an unforgettable experience for me.  Not only was it the most scenic run I’ve had (well it WAS in Hawaii), but having my husband and family as teammates also enhanced the experience.

Our start time was at 0500 on a Friday and we ended around 1700 Saturday.  One team during the relay had 1 van for 12 people.  This sounds like a very efficient and more fun idea having everyone in the same van.  However, having two vans gave us time to shower once in between our runs and find something decent to eat.  Our condo was on the Hapuna Bay side so we were able to drive back during our down time (when Van 2 was running) since it gave us about 5 hours before our next runs.  My most memorable leg was running 9 miles in the dark. It was drizzling prior to my run. It was windy which made the run somewhat tough.  I even saw a Pittbull walking around at one point. I believe only three runners were around me the entire time which made the run somewhat scary.  We finished our run in Hapuna Bay just in time to experience a beautiful sunset.

In two days we were able to run 200ish miles, sleep in a moving van, see the beautiful views the Big Island has to offer, use a porta potty more than you’d like, eat loco mocos and malasadas, cheer on your family, and witness unforgettable sunsets.   This was two days of not knowing whether I’d rather EAT, POOP or SLEEP.  Despite all of this, I would do it all over again.


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